Stitched Slots Pocket Die Set Tutorial

This set features two dies: A 4.88" x 5" stitched slots pocket and a stitched label. When opening the packaging, please note that the label is placed inside the packaging card. Be careful to not throw it away.

1) Place the pocket die on your cardstock, and run it through your cutting machine.
2) Die-cut three labels. You will need the labels to decorate the pocket panels.

Now let's assemble all of the parts together:

3) The pocket die-cut has three score lines, creating three tabs.
Fold the tabs to the opposite side of the pocket.
4) Apply glue to the labels, then place them on the pocket panels.
5) To complete the pocket, you'll need to apply glue on the three tabs, and attach them to a piece of cardstock. You can divide the pocket by applying glue on the top edge of each slot, creating small pockets within the large pocket. Cut a 4 13/16" x 5" piece of cardstock for the back of your pocket. Apply glue on the tabs and attach.

Tip: You can create another large pocket cell simply by adding another piece of cardstock to the back of your pocket.

Embellish, insert tags, cards, and photos, and fill it with love.


The Stitched Slots Pocket Die Set Tutorial