Nesting Corner Pocket Die Set Tutorial

This video features a set of four nesting dies.
Each die is stitched and has a lacy edge.

With this set, you'll create gorgeous 4.25"x4.25" nesting corner pockets for your cards, albums, journals, etc.

Each nesting pocket will have four openings for inserts. The pocket is symmetrical and can be positioned facing
either left or right.

Let's start preparing our pocket. Die-cut the parts of the set.

Fold the main pocket's flaps along the embossed lines.
Apply a thin layer of glue only to the straight 
edges of the die-cuts, then place them one on 
top of the other.

You can play with the colors and patterns of the layers, and you can also use each piece as a stand-alone pocket or decoration

Your pocket is almost ready!
Apply glue to the flaps, and place the pocket in your album.

Stamp a sentiment, embellish, insert tags, cards, and ephemera, and fill it with love. 


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Nesting corner pocket tutorial