Notch Border Dies Tutorial

This set features three border dies with different notch styles: scalloped, oval, and rectangular. The Notch border dies are perfect for album and folders pockets, but you can also use them for creating unique pocket cards and card edges.

1) Each border die is 6" long, with markings for 5.5" and 4.25" paper size. When planning your pockets, we recommend using a 6" or a 5.5" or a 4.25" piece of cardstock for best results. This way, placing the dies on their exact spot on your piece of cardstock will be easy and simple.

2) Each die has an inner embossed stitched line that gives the pocket edge an elegant and sophisticated look.
The 6" size is great for building 6" albums with edge to edge pockets.

3) Secure the die with tape to the cardstock edge, run it through your cutting machine, and that's it!

In the video, we used the full length of the dies to create 6" pockets on each one of the pages. Each pocket has it's own beauty and style.


The Notch Border Dies Tutorial