Square Waterfall Flap Die Set Tutorial

The set features four dies: large flap, matting flap, closing strip, and a matting strip.

Die cut the set parts.
Fold the large flap along the embossed line.

Fold the closing strip along the embossed line, apply glue to the matting layer, and align it to the center of the

Apply glue and align the matting layer to the center of the large flap.
Repeat this for the number of flaps you want for your waterfall.

The matting layers are a good place to hide magnets for the waterfall closure.
Remember to layer the top flap last, so that you can position your magnets correctly.

Apply glue and position the closing strip in place .

Start with the lower waterfall flap and cut out its folded flap (not needed), then glue it to your album.

Position the waterfall flaps one above the other, using their folded flaps to make space between them.

That's it! Creating impressive, elegant waterfalls has never been so easy.


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Square Waterfall Flap Die Set Tutorial